Drone-helicopter: big differences when it comes to an inspection | IGNOUS
Although there are still companies that use helicopters for an inspection, the truth is that this seems to be an obsolete methodology after the arrival of the drones.
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dron vs helicoptero

Drone and helicopter: big differences when it comes to an inspection

The arrival of the drones changed the panorama of obtaining data globally. While there are still companies that use helicopters to perform any inspection work that their needs require, the truth is that this seems to be an obsolete methodology. In IGNOUS WE aware of this AND we have prepared an explanation with the differences when carrying out tasks with each system.

Operative: application of the service

When conducting inspections or work to obtain data, it’s clear that the drones have a considerable advantage compared to helicopters. The RPAS have an easy adaptation to any type of terrain, so it’s very simple to find places to take off and land in any open space. In addition, thanks to their size and handling, they can access any form of terrain to be explored, simplifying for example, topography, orthophotography, inspections and surveillance (whether for control or studies).

On the other hand, the use of drones has an impact on the risk that exists in this type of work. A few weeks ago, our country lamented a tragic accident of a helicopter that was doing work on power lines, which is why the safety and integrity of the work teams became a topic to consider even more. Thanks to their remote management, these systems do not imply any risk for people.

Economy of the company: the operational costs between one and another

The first thing to take into consideration when doing an inspection work is the monetary and tine cost. The operational costs of launching a helicopter are high if we think that the tasks involved involve long trips and in-depth studies.

In that sense, the use of drones for these jobs is ideal, since they reduce the cost of services such as telemonitoring, inspection and data collection. In some countries, as in the case of Spain, the agricultural sector has seen cost reductions of between 75% and 85% when considering price and effectiveness (especially in time). For this reason, RPAS have been implemented in various study areas, such as road traffic, among others.

In IGNOUS you can find services of …

Energy sector: Inspection and maintenance of power lines, solar parks, wind farms and electrical audits (tracings, easement, thermography and corona effect).

Forestry sector: Satellite monitoring, prevention, survey and investigation of causes of forest fires (valuation of assets, electric servitude and firebreaks).

Mining sector: Topography, contour lines, point cloud, NIR image and territorial ordering.

Security: Drone service for Preventive systems and rescue work.