About us | IGNOUS
Ignous is a company created to meet the needs of our customers who deliver solutions through applied engineering.
drones, forest fires, energy, wind, photovoltaic, technical standard, electrical maintenance, electrical audit, electrical expertise, inspection of electrical lines, electric servitude, inspection of electrical lines with drones, drone inspection, thermography, topography
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About us


We are a company created since 2012 to meet the needs of our customers, from applied engineering to deliver solutions to the industry in security, maintenance and engineering.


The technological development and the constant search for new alternatives allow us to deliver a continuous improvement in the services we provide to our clients to operate their business, such as: preventive maintenance, monitoring of critical productive variables, electrical appraisals and some others.


We integrate technology to provide services to different industries, Electrical Industry, Forest Industry, Mining Industry and Energy to deliver agile, flexible and reliable solutions, helping your company to find the technical and economic solution to reduce risks in the operation of your business.


We deal with several areas in the field of engineering such as: analysis of routes for power lines, thermography in power lines and photovoltaic plants, photovoltaic plants inspection, satellite monitoring for forest fires, electrical appraisals and maintenance. Inspection with power line with drone, electric audit, forest measurement and telemonitoring,