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Data intelligence for the efficient management of your assets. We provide expert inspection services using RPAS technology.
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  • Para el ámbito de la minería, estos estudios permiten un gran nivel de detalles sobre las superficies,
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The use of Drones has meant an important advance in the field of topography. At IGNOUS, we understand the value that this technology offers and we’ve designed ideal services for the study of land.

Thanks to this type of vehicles, which capture high resolution images during their flights, we obtain materials to analyze and digitally process.


What guarantees the topographical study of IGNOUS? Our service achieves highly useful aerial images, as it manages to reach areas of difficult access or considered dangerous, in addition to allowing a fully programmable flight according to the needs of our client.


For the mining sector, these studies allow a great level of detail on the surfaces, as it analyzes:


  • Level curves.
  • Point cloud.
  • Digital terrain model.
  • Orthophotography.
  • Material volume calculation.



But not only in the area of mining, but also in agriculture. The use of the drone on these lands allows the collection of data on:


  • Use of land and water
  • Distribution and advance of diseases.
  • Identification of areas with nutritional deficit.
  • NIR Image.
  • Forest Inventory.
  • Territorial Ordering.


Added to that, the analysis with our RPAS also allows the care of cultural assets and historical heritage that could be affected by any nearby work. In addition, the aerial study provides accurate data on territorial delimitation, damage identification and more.


Aerial Topography, Inglés
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