Drone Preventive Video Surveillance (RPAS) | IGNOUS
Data intelligence for the efficient management of your assets. We provide expert inspection services using RPAS technology.
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  • Aumentar la sensación de seguridad y reducir los índices de delitos, es el principal objetivo del gobierno impulsada por la Subsecretaría de Prevención del Delito (SPD) a través del proyecto de Televigilancia Móvil.
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The results of our work have made us one of the most recognized companies in the area of preventive video surveillance, since our technical and human team is the best when handling drones to carry out analysis and acquisition of data tasks, for the prevention of crimes and other inconveniences



“Thanks to drones that operate as a mobile camera, we can reach places that are otherwise not accessible to monitor”, commented Carolina Leitao, mayor of Peñalolén, to El Mercurio in August, 2018, when she was consulted for her experience with the IGNOUS service.


The coordination with institutions such as municipalities and Carabineros have made IGNOUS a reliable service to anticipate and help in the detection, identification and timely control of any situation that puts citizens at risk. “It’s a good deterrent to crime, which also provides security perception to neighbors and the images we capture serve as evidence for the Prosecutor’s Office, so that crimes don’t go unpunished”, said Mayor Leitao.


The success of this service has even led us to be responsible for the drones that protect the security of the Antofagasta Region, among other places throughout the country.


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