Forest Fire Survey and Investigation | IGNOUS
Data intelligence for the efficient management of your assets. We provide expert inspection services using RPAS technology.
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  • Desde el año 2014, nos hemos especializado en la investigación y peritaje de incendios forestales de origen eléctrico. Contamos con un equipo de profesionales en el áreas forestal, eléctrica, social y policial capacitado en el Método de Investigación de Evidencias Físicas.

Since 2014, we specialize in the investigation and assessment of forest fires, with teams of professionals in the forestry, electrical, social and police areas. All trained and certified in the Physical Evidence Research Method. This allows us to comprehensively address investigations.


In addition, we’ve an Early Warning Monitoring system, which integrates satellite information from the MODIS System (NASA) and real-time management of fires.

This service, together with the coordination of the work in the field, has meant a fundamental support to public and private organizations with high risk of damage to their heritage, providing timely information for a quick reaction. In this way, the corresponding entities can go to the site of the incident and take the necessary measures to avoid a major disaster.

Our experience and quality have allowed us to work with important companies in the electrical, forestry and governmental sectors, being recognized at national level.



Forest Fire Survey and Investigation, Inglés
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