Inspection and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Parks | IGNOUS
Data intelligence for the efficient management of your assets. We provide expert inspection services using RPAS technology.
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  • El creciente aumento de la Energía Solar en Chile, conlleva un importante desafío en el mantenimiento e Inspección de Parques Fotovoltaicos de mega centrales.
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In Chile, solar plant energy has advanced rapidly. This alternative shows that traditional methods aren’t the only way to move forward, but also means an important challenge for companies when it comes to planning and maintenance.


When thermography is associated with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (RPAS), the results are very useful for companies. IGNOUS, always following the pace of new technologies, offers from reviews to control the energy quality to the detection of possible leaks.



The various functions of drones with high resolution thermal imaging cameras allow the detection of hot spots in damaged photovoltaic cells, making it possible to anticipate faults and energy losses, as well as facilitating the study and review of photoelectric cells to locate defects and check if they’re within a working temperature range.


In this way and with aerial thermography, it’s possible to take data while the plates are working at full capacity, avoiding interrupting the work and planning of each company.


Advantages of the inspection with IGNOUS:


  • Greater speed and effectiveness in the process.
  • Lower costs of inspection brigades.
  • Detailed and geo-referenced information of any possible problem.
  • Better use of corrective maintenance resources.

Additional services:


  • Inspection of engines and mobile components.
  • Inspection of wires and electrical rooms.


Inglés, Inspection and Maintenance of Photovoltaic Parks
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