Inspection and Maintenance of Power Lines | IGNOUS
Data intelligence for the efficient management of your assets. We provide expert inspection services using RPAS technology.
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  • En IGNOUS contamos con la experiencia y herramientas de análisis necesarias para apoyar a las empresas eléctricas en el diagnóstico preventivo, a través del servicio de inspección de líneas eléctricas con Drones.

The increasing number of forest fires in recent years has made it fundamental to anticipate threats in the different electricity grids throughout the country. In IGNOUS, we have the preparation and the necessary tools for the prevention of forest fires, through the inspection and monitoring of transmission lines, which is carried out periodically to detect, react and resolve in time the problems that could occur product of:


  • Invasion of vegetation in safety strips.
  • Structural invasion by new constructions.
  • Rupture of the lines.
  • Hot spots.
  • Corrosion of the wiring.
  • Damage caused by lightning or bird nesting.



Our work is considered an avant-garde proposal, because it’s carried out through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (RPAS). This system, much more detailed than others used to date, eliminates the inconveniences of traditional inspection and becomes a quick, effective, safe and low-cost solution.



Our RPAS have the latest technology, delivering a sustainable solution over time and adaptable to any situation and structure. From infrared sensors, LIDAR, high-resolution videos and more, at IGNOUS we care about providing the best maintenance services, through the thermal measurement of lines, detecting hot spots, safety distances, friction planning, etc.


In this way, IGNOUS ensures security and confidence. We generate personalized and online reports, adapted to the operative areas for a better control of the company’s activities. Al this through a WEB platform compatible with the ArcGIS systems.


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