Monitoring and Prevention of Forest Fires | IGNOUS
Data intelligence for the efficient management of your assets. We provide expert inspection services using RPAS technology.
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Data intelligence has allowed us to obtain vital information to prevent forest fires. In IGNOUS we’ve developed an innovative satellite remote sensing tool to identify the initial Hot Spots thanks to the recompilation of information from MODIS modules (NASA), a system that travels on board three satellites and that allows us to obtain diverse daily readings of the surface.



Thus, this SIDCO platform becomes a supportive platform for public and private organizations at high risk of being affected by this type of situation, since it allows them to generate quick responses to any fire forest warnings, improving coordination with the fire brigades.


Climate monitoring


Another tool offered by the IGNOUS service is climate monitoring, which is used to measure the forest risk index in different places of the nation and thus predict the environmental risk conditions that favor the occurrence of these events.


* This monitoring can be followed online as presented at the top of this page.


From infrared sensors, LIDAR inspections, high resolution videos and more, at IGNOUS we take care of making our equipment useful when collecting data and combating forest fires, avoiding major disasters for both citizens and companies


Our work has been highlighted in this aspect and we have clients such as Arauco, Conaf and Forestal Mininco, which reinforces the commitment we have when carrying out a higher-level work.


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