Aerial Surveillance

Aerial surveillance with drones presents an easier, faster and lower cost data collection method, being able to perform a close observation of people, activities, infrastructure, building, etc. behaviors in order to manage, coordinate, direct or protect.

Aerial surveillance and tactical communications with drones.

We provide support services to the public and private sector as a tool to support crime prevention and the rescue of people in the event of accidents.


Aerial surveillance as a tool for crime prevention.

Our commitment is to provide a service that ensures the safety of the population in an effective and reliable manner, increasing the feeling of security and contributing to the reduction of crime.

Speed of response, a difference that saves lives.

Support to emergency and traffic control units is vital in the event of high-risk accidents. Knowing what is happening in situ in real time allows for better tactical coordination of the resources to be used to save lives.

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Specialized and developed services to ensure the security of your assets.



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