Electric Power Line

Climate change has had a direct effect on the growing increase of forest fires due to contact with power lines. This scenario forces electric companies to know the state of their installations in order to carry out an adequate maintenance planning of their infrastructure.

Early detection of electrical faults.

We support the decision making process of preventive maintenance, using state-of-the-art technology to perform inspections to detect anomalous conditions in the structures and joints in transmission lines.

The best Power Line Inspection Software.

Through the planning of autonomous flights, we provide security in the execution of the flight on the ground, ensuring a quality of information which is replicable in future missions, allowing to obtain an accurate comparison of the wear of the critical elements of the electrical structure.

Specialized Services:

Thermography; hot spot detection.

Corona effect; past insulators and electric arcs.

Safety distances using LIDAR point clouds.

Component status.

Ask about our services in Electrical Substations:

Georeferenced recording of thermal and visual images of your installation and a detailed analysis of the condition of each component