Roads and Pavements

Roads are the backbone for cargo transportation or airports. Obtaining the necessary information about the condition of the pavement reduces the possibility of accidents and improves the flow of goods.

Drone inspections make it possible to speed up and streamline the detection of deterioration and failures for the areas in charge of preventive maintenance.

Easier and more autonomous inspections for roads

We integrate digital photogrammetry techniques with the use of Drones with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, for specialized pavement inspection and fault classification.
Artificial Intelligence algorithms to perform specialized pavement inspection and fault classification.

Data analysis with Artificial Intelligence.

Our workflow provides excellent visualization of pavement failures, providing you with valuable information for preventive and corrective maintenance. preventive and corrective maintenance.

We simplify information and failure analysis.

We simplify the detection of faults in the road network using Drones & Image Processing (Photogrammetry, Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms).