Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is an approach to farm management that uses information technology to ensure that crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimal health and productivity.

The goal is to ensure profitability, sustainability and environmental protection.

Digitization of the field as an agricultural management tool.

We help the farmer to measure the qualities of crops, soil and climatic factors for a better decision of the best treatment at the right place and time.

Agricultura y drones

The power of information in agriculture.

Indispensable tool to ensure clear benefits in terms of productivity improvement and environmental sustainability, beating climate change.

Sustainable and Intelligent Agriculture.

The data captured through multispectral sensors mounted on drones, are digitally stored to develop crop maps, helping the farmer in making decisions in the field associated with:

Fertigation – Fertigation
Fumigation – Pruning or thinning
Pruning or thinning – Early identification of flowering and/or pests
Early identification of flowering and/or pests