Wind turbine

The variability of wind energy makes the operation of wind turbines very complex, due to the intervention of variables that are difficult to predict, with high cost and risk.

This requires careful planning and control requirements, so the non-invasive inspection with Drones is the safest option both for the company due to the low cost and less time than with traditional methods.

At the Forefront of Wind Turbine Inspections for Wind Energy.

We provide a comprehensive solution that unites monitoring data, aeroelastic models, inspections and Scada data to optimize asset operation, improve productivity and facilitate O&M tracking and planning.

Data analysis with Artificial Intelligence.

Our workflow provides excellent visualization of blades, providing you with valuable information for preventive and corrective maintenance.

Specialized Wind Turbine Inspection Services.

Periodic inspections for end of warranty or end of contract.

Image processing with AI for damage identification and categorization. Review by shovel engineers, double verification of findings.

Digital twin generation by LIDAR.